About Amanda.

Writer. Author. Music lover. Furtive reader.

I’ve always been a copywriter, I just didn’t know it

Every job I had, writing was why I got it and why I kept it.

And every job I’ve had has been a puzzle piece in the jigsaw of becoming a freelance copywriter.

I was the kind of kid who loved school projects. Yep, I was obsessed with clear communication from an early age.

Now I’m a freelance copywriter who still loves projects.

I love researching B2B audiences and finding the right words at the right time.

Freelance Agency Copywriter

My copywriting secrets

Music and curiosity are my secret weapons.

Music, pop culture (Netflix counts) and real world language inspire my writing no matter the topic.

And being curious means I want to know everything about you, your brand and your customers. 

I ask questions, dig deep, and find out what makes you tick.

Getting the brief right to understand what you need.

Digging into what motivates your customers. 

Writing cut-through content people want to read.

If you want a copywriter who pays attention, does their research and nails the brief, 
we might be right for each other.

My secret life as an author

I spent a lifetime writing this book in my head. But this ain’t no textbook, baby. It’s a bunch of hacks, guidelines, secret passwords and rules. And permission to break them all.

This guide takes you through putting your audience in the spotlight, nailing your structure, and using language that works.

Banish your fear of the blank page with tips on getting started, drafting, editing and proofreading. Then put it all into practice with how to’s on emails, websites, presentations, job stuff and… ransom notes. Just in case.


Life’s too short for crap writing.

Write Better by Amanda Vanelderen

Where I hang out

The Freelance Collective
The Clever Copywriting School
AMI Certified Practicing Marketer
Flying Solo Micro Business Community
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